Does Castleton have their own transportation?

No, but we contract with many local transportation companies.

What if residents have appointments outside the facility?

We manage all resident appointments and arrange all transportation.

How often is the facility physician there?

Dr. Yates rounds once per week.

Is smoking allowed?

NO. We are a completely smoke-free campus.

Are pets allowed?

Yes! Pets are allowed as long as their most recent shot records are provided.

What should the Family member bring with them?

We supply a list of commonly brought items and what you can and cannot bring. We suggest loose fitting and comfortable clothing for everyday wear, toiletries, and cosmetics.

Do I need to bring a TV?

No, all rooms are fitted with an individual flat-screen TV and cable is provided.

What happens after I decide to come to Castleton?

If coming from the hospital or another facility, the case manager and admissions director will coordinate a transfer after Castleton has reviewed all of the patient’s clinical documents. If coming from a home, the admissions director will handle acquiring clinical documents and arrange the transfer.

What kind of assistance will they get?

We are a full-assist facility. Everything from medication assistance, dressing assistance, and hygiene assistance.

When are visiting hours?

We are a 24/hr facility so you can visit anytime!

How long does rehabilitation take?

It depends on how the patient progresses, but our average length of stay is around 20 days.

How many times a week do residents receive rehab?

This depends on insurance, but usually it is twice a day, six days a week. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are provided for one hour each.

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