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Meet Ryan Kinzie, a seasoned healthcare professional boasting 17 years of industry experience, currently serving as the Executive Director at Castleton Health Care Center. Beyond his professional role, Ryan is a devoted father of two girls and an integral part of the local community he proudly calls home.
In the face of the significant challenges posed by the recent pandemic, Ryan reflects on the remarkable resilience displayed by his care teams. Their collective ability to navigate obstacles through a spirit of collaboration stands as a testament to Ryan's exceptional leadership. His capacity to inspire and mobilize teams toward common goals is evident in this acknowledgment.

A driving force in Ryan's role is his passion for witnessing residents thrive through exceptional care. He recognizes and commends the strength of his care teams, emphasizing their collaborative spirit and dedication to overcoming challenges. It is this unique combination that has undeniably contributed to Ryan's success and effectiveness as a leader in the healthcare industry.

However, Ryan's story extends beyond the realm of healthcare. Outside of his professional commitments, you'll find him passionately cheering for the Chicago Cubs baseball team. More than a mere fandom, Ryan's love for the Cubs is a reflection of his unwavering dedication, both in his professional and personal life.

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