Director of Admissions,
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Scott McWhorter, our Director of Admissions, brings over a decade of experience in skilled nursing, having served as Director of Admissions in several prominent companies. With a background rooted in healthcare, Scott's journey includes leadership roles at the Indiana Blood Center and the National Organ/Tissue Bank Network, where he also testified before Congress on organ and tissue donor federal regulations.

A former paramedic and firefighter, Scott's commitment extends beyond the professional realm. As the current President of the Montgomery County Council on Aging for the past four years, he actively contributes to the community. His dedication is further evident through advisory roles with organizations such as the National Kidney Foundation and the Human Rights Campaign.

Having “grown up” in the skilled nursing environment, thanks to his mother's role as an administrator, Scott finds a sense of purpose in working with seniors. His approach to admissions is grounded in a simple yet powerful principle: helping people access the care they need, whether through our company or by guiding them to alternative options.

Scott McWhorter is not just a professional; he's a compassionate advocate, driven by a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of those seeking care.

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