Bedroom Safety Tips for Seniors

The bathroom, kitchen, and stairs are areas of the home most people think of as potentially hazardous areas for seniors.  One area many people don’t think of is the bedroom, a place that is supposed to be comfortable and safe. Most don’t think of the fall risks that may happen in their loved one’s bedroom but there are quite a few.  Getting up after a night’s sleep, in the middle of the night, or from a nap could leave a senior confused and disoriented, potentially leading to an accident. And if the room is not free of floor hazards, the senior could be in serious danger of falling.  If the room is dark or not well-lit, this too may lead to a fall or stumble.

To prevent seniors from falling in the bedroom, it is important to maintain a level of safety. Consider these tips to help your loved one stay safe before, during, and after their time of rest.

Remove throw rugs: 

A bulky rug can spell bad news for a senior that has recently gotten out of bed. It is best to have no rugs in the bedroom just in case they trip and fall.

Keep pets in a safe spot: 

For the safety of both the seniors and their pets, pets should have a safe place to sleep at night. Opt for a crate, carrier, or pet bed out of the way of the senior’s walking path.

Make sure bedside tables are within reach: 

A senior could reach over to grab their glasses or a drink they left on the nightstand. If the nightstand is too far away, the senior could fall off the bed and become injured. It is best to keep any necessary object within reach.

Have a designated place for clothing and laundry:

Baskets of laundry on the floor are a safety hazard for a senior walking around in the dark. They should have everything put away before going to bed, or have the laundry in a different room altogether.

Keep the floor free of clutter: 

Having a clutter-free space is key to preventing accidents from happening. Before the senior goes to bed, it should be a priority to tidy up. Having a claw grabber device is a great way for seniors to move unwanted objects off the floor without having to bend down.

Bedding should fit the bed snugly:

It might not be thought that bedding itself can be unsafe for a senior, but if the bedding is too bulky and ill-fitting, the senior can become tangled up. This could lead to them becoming stuck and unable to help themselves or falling off the bed.

Bedroom Safety in Senior Living Communities

At Castleton Health Care Center, safety is the number one priority for our senior residents. With staff on-site 24/7, you don’t ever have to worry about your loved one having a fall or injury without immediate care and assistance. Our skilled nursing community in Indianapolis is specifically designed for residents’ safety and comfort. Contact us today to learn more.


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